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Published: 21 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

We went to Petland in Las Vegas, Nevada on with no intent to purchase a puppy. However, as we were browsing, this beautiful little Papillion puppy caught our eye. We visited with her for an extended period of time as well as questioned the employees about the puppies. We had heard that places like these get their puppies from puppy mills, but found it hard to believe that she was one of them. She was very clean and seemed to be extremely happy and playful. The employee ensured us that the stores puppies were healthy and came from private and reputable breeders and that each was researched and recommended by the USDA and AKC as well as that they are periodically visited in order to keep their license. The following she had greenish colored puss in her eyes as well as a visible worm problem, as she had gone to the bathroom in her crate overnight. We took her to the vet that Petland stated the animal had to be check by that morning, less than 12 hours after purchasing Bella. At West Charlston Animal Hospital, in Las Vegas, Nevada, they examined Bella and determined that she had an eye infection, which he provided us with drops for, as well as an obvious worm infestation. A fecal parasite exam was completed and determined that Bella also suffers from Giardia, which she was also prescribed medication for. The vaccinations that we were told have been given to Bella prior to purchasing her were not administered by a vet and cannot be proven. The health record that was provided has small writing stating that “Indicated vaccine(s)/treatment(s) were administered by the breeder prior to purchase of the dog by Hunte Corporation”, who is listed as the distributor on the pet profile. Additionally, Petland stated that the puppy was current on vaccinations, which is not the case, due to the fact that we purchased her 5 and a half weeks after she was allegedly vaccinated. Therefore, she not been properly vaccinated while under the care of Petland, and could have been exposed to many illnesses. Bella was also advertised to us to be AKC registered and excellent breeding quality. After further review of her AKC paperwork, we have determined that her father was unregistered with the AKC, and was only given an AKC number for identification purposes. There is no proof that this puppy is pure bred, and therefore is not AKC breeding quality as promised. Bella has had health issues since birth, which the Petland employee stated were all “common with toy breeds”. After further research, we have found that the Open Fontanel and Inguinal hernia repair that she had were likely due to hereditary issues with her parents. These dogs should not be breeding and should have been fixed. Additionally, at the time of Bellas inguinal hernia repair, she should have also been fixed, in order to prevent her from reproducing, which could not only result in puppies with similar issues, but could also result in health problems and even death if Bella were to ever be pregnant. Bella will need to have another surgery in order to be spayed, which should have been done at the time of her last surgery. However, being spayed, the breeder would not have been able to sell her for as much money. Petland did not provide us with any veterinary information regarding this surgery, and there are no visible scars on Bellas stomach. Therefore, we are not sure whether or not this surgery was actually performed to correct this painful and dangerous health problem. I called Midway Veterinary Clinic in Neosho, Missouri, which is the vet listed on Bella’s paperwork as the vet that did her surgery, microchip and vaccinations. The employee stated that she did not have Travis Fanning (the breeder) in her system and that even if she did, I would need to contact him to have her records released to me. Although it appears that it will be expensive to look after Bella, we do not want to get rid of her. We cannot imagine putting this poor puppy through any more than she has already been through and intend on giving her the best life possible. However, it is quite distressing knowing that we have purchased a dog from a puppy mill and supported this horrible industry, and plan to do anything in our power to stop this from happening to these innocent animals. .

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