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Published: 26 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I purchased a vehicle with a huge amount put down to it.. The General Manager Yohan was my sales rep. He helped me out getting into the vehicle as well as comfortable payments.. The vehicle needed inspection and he went ahead and took care of it.. Also mentioned a few maintenance lights on to include the “”Airbag”” light on. He told me that it was no problem and that the other lights were just minor issues.. Took it to a inspection place called Katie’s auto across the street from their location and brought my vehicle back.. Here’s the issue I have with them.. After so many questions “”I told him that after I leave this lot with the vehicle that this was for my other half and that it’ll be in HOUSTON from the time I leave here to the time this vehicle is paid off from them””. After confirming it was ok we went ahead and we continued to sign the papers and give me my keys. Everything was ok as I leave. A few hours on my way to Houston to surprise my other half, all the maintenance lights that we had an issue with came right back on.. Called him right away.. Asked him how did this vehicle pass inspection if this airbag light and HORN still don’t work? I’m sure these people put money under the table to get customers out of their hair with repair issues. All he said to me was bring it back and we’ll take care of it. Not too mention I’m 30mins from Houston. Having a brother who is a mechanic I figured I’ll save more money having him repair it versus Petrie doing it on top of the gas back to Fort Worth and back. So I left that alone. It’s been almost a year since I’ve had this vehicle. I ran into some trouble job wise and kept in contact with Esmeralda the person in charge of Finance.. She was ok as long as I kept in contact with them they were willing to work with me catching up. A few weeks ago I was surprised by the repo guy. He told me he was here to pick up my vehicle. For one, payment(which I already confirmed arrangements with them). Two, the main reason why they took my car was because the vehicle was never suppose to leave Fort Worth in the first place. And so I called Esmeralda, was put on hold after I asked them why they taking my vehicle? She didn’t wanna tell me exactly why. So I let the car go for the main reason why they were threatening me if I don’t give up the car the cops were gonna get involved. I didn’t even want the entire Houston police Dept and these people to make a scene. Anyways, after finally getting in contact with Esmeralda and Yohan. They both told me that the vehicle was never suppose to leave Fort Worth in the place and that the only way to get it back is if I paid it off which is $24,000. Yohan having short term memory didn’t remember the deal and conversation we had in the beginning of closing the deal. The next day I called Yohan again explained to him the situation and after repeating myself his memory finally came to light. So he put me on hold.. Spoke to Esmeralda.. Then came back on the phone and told me that all I need to do is pay off late balance $600 and the towing fee because my car was sent back to Forth Worth. I had planned on picking it up the next day. They called me the next morning and left me a voicemail that the owner of Pettie yelled at them because they are giving me my vehicle back. Yohan and Esmeralda both left two different voicemails that the owner got mad and that I couldnt get it back at all unless I pay the remaining balance of $24,000. Tried to call Yohan but of course ignored all my calls. Finally spoke with Esmeralda and she told me that she has no authority to give it back to me. She finally allowed me to explain the reason why the vehicle has been in Houston the entire time and also told her that I asked Yohan so many times the day of closing the deal to be sure that I wasn’t going against their policy. All she had to say after my explanation is “”The owner is already mad and we don’t want him to yell at us again””.. I of course told her that all this isn’t my fault. If Yohan would’ve said that it’s to never leave the city of purchase I would’ve never bought this vehicle not too mention putting a huge down payment on it from the beginning. Then she comes back with “”The owner is already mad and made his final decision””. Even asked her if I can talk to the owner but of course if I don’t then Yohan will be in bigger trouble. Bottom line is this.. Their manager is dirty.. They don’t care about their customers because if they did they wouldve taken care of the problem and not try to avoid me. Seems like these people are only out to make their sales. So I’m left with a $24,000 repo vehicle damaging my credit even more. Wasted $6,000 down on a vehicle that was never suppose to leave Fort Worth. And all these people wanna ask me is why didn’t I ever tell them I left Dallas Fort Worth area. The funny thing is that I never did leave DFW. The vehicle did as soon as I purchased it. But as far as Yohan.. “”Oh ya that’s no problem””.. “”As long as your physical address is in the DFW area your ok””. I travel back and fort between DFW and Houston where my family is. That’s not considered moving if you see me in Houston driving the vehicle I bought. There’s GPS in that vehicle who in the right mind would even wanna be driving it out on the streets if they feel like they running with the car? .

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