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Published: 22 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

My issue with Banfield is the corporate greed and pricing procedures that they have in place. First is, that you are there for an issue with your pet and when you are in turmoil over that, they tell you about this great wellness program as they did with me back in October. Yes I signed it and had no issues until now, Since my pets death Banfields options for me to get out of her particular plan was to pay more up front, on continue the payment from my credit card for four months to remind me of my pets demise. Difference of the two is about $130.00. You can’t tell me a corporate company could not write this off to make a human effort to fix this issue. Second is that when you go there, you get a doctor that is available. I think if I had got the same doctor at the time this issue arose, that at least the suffering time of my pet would be less. Third is that the pricing for putting my pet down was outrageous. The price quoted was $370.00 and I had already got a quote from Blue pearl gvs of $310.00 and both used the same people to do all of this. My thought was, “I have a wellness plan with them and why?. And then comes the SHOCKER; to have someone present while the procedure was dome was an EXTRA $58.00. I was shocked to say the least. I also called two more places for this to be done and they quoted there pricing (much lower) included a person in there. Banfield had excuses for that increase, but my question is what are they doing that they need to charge extra for a person to be there and what kind of procedure is going on if no one is there?

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