Petsuites Norcross

horrible people who are careless, irresponsible and scammers

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Published: 27 April 2019

Posted by: Gabriel

Don’t trust PetSuites for your pet. My little doggie, Bert, had his worst experience at the PetSuites. The place doesn’t have enough staff, there’s no way of finding out how your dog is doing and they don’t feed your dog properly. It’s all a sham. They promise you that they’ll take care of your dog but they don’t have enough people to do so. All they have is 2 or 3 people who are supposed to look after 15+ dogs at once. They have a really small staff but they claim on their site that they don’t. When I had taken my dog back home he was starving. He couldn’t wait to get a nice meal. And the way he finished his bowl so quickly, I realized that he wasn’t even properly fed. If they can’t feed the pets then what’s the use of using their service. I’m happy that I had only left my dog there for a day. I wonder how much he could have starved if I had kept him there for a week or so. My experience with PetSuites has taught me to stay away from these people. When I asked them why my dog was so hungry, they told me that it must be his happiness for seeing me. I was like “What??” Because that was the most pathetic excuse I have ever heard. Even in the beginning, I had asked them if they have a webcam or something of that sort. I really wanted to see my little doggie. But apparently, that doesn’t use that stuff. I bet they do so because they don’t want you to get an idea of how the pets are treated there. When I had visited the place, I had noticed the handful of people working there. When I had inquired about it, they had ignored my question. When you don’t have enough people for the job, then you’re bound to make mistakes. These people are careless and irresponsible. Pets need to be loved and cared for. If they can’t do that, then it’s certain that they’ll be shut down. The problem is, they are good at marketing. If you will look them up online, you’ll see that they have a pristine online reputation. It must be a few of their satisfied customers and a lot of fake reviews. I was fooled by their fake reputation as well. If I had any idea how lame these people are in reality, I would have never contacted them for looking after Bert. I’m never taking my poor dog back to that place. These people stink and they should be shut down. They don’t take complaint seriously, they have very few people and they don’t let you see how your pet is doing. They charged me for a bunch of facilities my dog might have availed there but again there was no way of finding out if that really was the case. My point is, it would be safer for your pet to stay someplace else than at PetSuites.

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