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Published: 29 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

My moron of a doctor calls in a prescription for Celebrex to treat my tendonitis and hands me a “Celebrex $4 Co-Pay Card”. He tells me to call and register the number and I’ll get my prescription at a big savings! Well, nothing happens when I call the 800 listed on the card, so I register the card on-line and get confirmation that the card is “registered”. I go to CVS to pick up my prescription, wait in line, and they have to rerun the whole thing because of this stupid card. Guess what, apparently I’m not eligible for any discount! Had I known this I would checked with my mail order pharmacy to compare pricing. Nothing on the Pfizer website said anything about this when I checked the box that I had Medicare. I left without my prescription which usually happens 50% of the time for some reason. Here’s the kicker, CELEBREX was approved to go GENERIC back in May 2014. Pfizer is pushing to make as much $$$$ before someone else puts out the generic version. But for Pfizer to collect my personal information and not be upfront about the requirements is deceptive at best. Just more games to play when it comes to your health!!! Pfizer can go $*^& themselves, I’ll wait for the generic or take something else. Now I have to go through the hassle of contacting my doctor or just going it alone. It also goes to show you the games the doctor’s play when prescribing you drugs (My Dr, probably gets a kickback from Pfizer for prescribing it.) I rarely go to the doctor for anything anymore because of the huge hassle and I’m on disability. It’s easier and less trouble to just die. .

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