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Published: 01 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

PHH Mortgage is unethical, malicious, and down right criminal in their activities of stealing homes for profit. PHH with hold funds, at first claiming they didn’t get funds and then refusing to post funds or send funds back. I have a FHA loan, of which FHA is supposed to help with problems with PHH (YEAH RIGHT), FHA gets the run around from this company too. FHA rules are very clear but PHH doesnt follow them. I missed two payments, not in order. One in May 2009 & one in September 2009. I paid May. I tried to pay September but they sent the money back requesting a higher amount for $3043.45 “”as soon as possible”” at the end of October 2009. I sent $4151.94. PHH sent back $999.42 of that not the $3152.52. PHH didnt post any of the money I sent. Instead, PHH put my house in foreclosure. I called PHH and got referred to their attorneys. I filed a BBB complaint, in which PHH admitted to violating FHA regulations about not placing a FHA loan in foreclosure until the owner has missed 3 consecutive payments. I didnt miss those payments. PHH attorney stating, “”You should not be in foreclosure…call the company or file an Intent to cure, once you make your December 2009 payment, you should be caught up””. I paid that and sent back the money PHH sent back to me via Western Union. Total $5164.61. PHH has not posted anything and still have me in foreclosure status. I sent a qualified written request to PHH and still no response. PHH is set to sell my home at auction 3/31/2010. HOW? I did everything they asked. The government really needs to get on the ball especially since this company is dealing with FHA loans first hand. If there is any body out there thats doing a class action. Let me know. I would love to be apart of it. Or if there is a attorney that reads this site. HELP US. .

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