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Published: 07 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

This business is advertised as matchmaking service, during the interview they tell you for legal reasons that they are not a matchmaking service. I originally went to phoenix singles on November 23rd 2013. when I went there the sales representive Pat had me come in for an interview and to see if I was the type of client they wanted. When I agreed to go they told me it was a preliminary interview, but at the end when I wanted to leave, I was berated and told many different things to keep me from leaving. She told me specifically that it was pathetic that a man my age was still single and that I had to sign the papers or else I would stay pathetic and single for ever. I explained that I wanted to think about my decision, but I was continued to be berated. I also discovered that throughout my time there, that the people that my sales representative Pat told me were single were in fact not single and many were all ready married, or engaged. I was given profiles of certain people and told these people were available but when I later researched I found that all of the information was false. I feel that I was given incomplete information, false information as well as emotional intimidation in order to sign a contract. They told me that when I was there for my first interview that I would not be pressured, but when I got there I could tell that they intended the whole time put me in a high pressure environment in order to get me to sign the contract. Before I went to phoenix singles I knew that they could not guarantee me any dates or success, and my complaint is not because I did not get a date. My complaint is that I was in a high stress sales position and that I was given false data about other people there in order for phoenix singles to get my money. About a week later I was contacted by phoenix singles and told that my new representive was Diana. Over the course of a few days I stayed in contact and then I was told that Diana would talk to her boss Tammy Smith to see if I could get partial refund. Two days later I was told I could not get a partial refund and that all sales are final. I also called on my lunch break and the receptionist told me that they would give my message to Diana. Later that night after I waited for I her, I decided to call back.. When I called Diana answered the phone but she told me that there was no message left for her. From my experience this was a common occurrence. I once called to have my profile changed and the ladies at the front desk completely screwed up my new profile. They had put many of sentences out of order, as well as many spelling and grammar mistakes. It took me one hour of talking on the phone and emailing to get them to put my profile back to the original. The same original that I called to have them fix. I would call and the ladies at the front desk and was told each time they would leave a message for me. Each time I had to call back and then re-explain myself to my representative. The organization of this place is a best incompetence. I do not know if they are all dishonest, disorganized, incompetent or all part of the same scam but every area of my experience at phoenix singles has been bad.

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