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Published: 21 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Phoenix Financial calls incessantly daily stating to our employees they are “Enrolled Agents with the IRS.” Obviously, trying to scare people into taking their calls. We had an issue with a 941 return and ended up with a tax lien until it is cleared up. Tax liens are public record and the minute this happened PFGTax was the first and most unending cold calling tax scammers. They would speak to employees and try to embarass the owner into getting on the phone with them. (Our employees know we are fine and it simply pissed them off.) After talking to three different people over several weeks and employees taking calls daily multiple times a day, on the last call we went ballistic. We asked for the name of the person calling and she said it was Sarah Cervantes and her number was 719.215.0010. When I called that number she answered, “Hello. I then called the 888 and got receptionist. Each person tells you they are putting your number in their Do Not call list, but the next one you speak with says it isn’t in there and they will add to stop calls. Obviously there is no dont call for them. When I spoke with the “owner”, Josh, and pressed it turned out Josh is the “general manager,” and not the owner. Then found out the business is owned by Duncan Wright and Michael Wright of Colorado. The corporation is Alexander and Jeremy, Inc. I heard from Michael when I emailed him at the address on the BBB report that has 9 complaint all resolved for the accredited member of the BBB (They paid their membership with BBB). They have wasted an enormous amount of my time and my staff has wasted three to four times that amount of time. I have said to their reps, “We have an accounting firm and are not interested in your services, Thank You.” I have then hung up and had thier reps call back and with attitude say, “We were cut off.” Michael Wright and Duncan Wright need to wake up. I spoke with Michael when he called in panic after my email to him. He stated it was a boo boo due to the “Sales Team” and he would correct it. He and Josh stated they had to tell their phone company to put the numbers in don’t call which is a crock of BS. People do not want their services and they try to scare tactic their way into talking with them and then do the “we can’t take no for an answer” and act all surprised when someone angrily calls their firm multiple times because the owners won’t take the call. The owners, Michael and Duncan Wright try to get others to handle the unhappy callers. They cannot grasp how angry a business person has to be to waste their time to ensure they get to them. I told them for me to go to all the lengths I am going to go to end this because I have not been this angry in years. For our company, our employees know we are sound, but i told Michael the sad thing is the harm that comes to smaller companies that only have one or two employees when you call with: “I need to tell you I am an Enrolled Agent with the IRS.” What scum sucking bottom dwellers Michael and Duncan are. I am creating a site for people to further put up their complaint about them and it is Hopefully with real consumer sites, they will have to find a new line of work. .

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