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Published: 10 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

We needed a 20 HP rotary converter desperately and because on they were only 400 miles away and that he said would ship the converter the next day I charged $1800 to my credit card. After two days a box too small to be a rotary converter arrived, it turned out to be only the panel which is useless without the idler motor. I called asking when the motor would arrive and was told it was shipped separately and should arrive in a day or two. They even gave me a “pro” number to track its status. I do not know which brother I spoke to, Danny or Glenn, but I took his at his word. 8 days later (5 business days), the motor arrived. The delay was because it was not sent from Arizona but dropped shipped from Missouri 2200 miles away. Did he lie to me? Technically no, but he certainly was not honest. Had they been honest about the delivery I would not have bought the converter, So I believe he lied to to get my $1800. Being honest I have say the converter looked well made but it is not easy to connect because Phoenix uses a enclosure without “knockouts”. Enclosures without knockouts are a little cheaper that ones with. We had to buy a hole punch to run the wires in and out of the converter panel. I wish I could say this is the only problem I had, the worst is yet to come, the idler motor would not start consistently. Sometimes it would start and sometimes it would just hum. I called asking about the problem and I was told that the wire I used, 8 was too small and that I would need at least 240 volts to start the converter. More about his advice to follow. Changing the wire to 6 but it did not solve the problem and my electrician explained to me that the voltage from the power company fluctuates a constant 240 volts is not possible. When I called called Phoenix again one of the brothers was difficult and demeaning. I put my electrician on the line who reply to me what sounded like a refusal to admit there was a problem with their converter. I ended up contacting a local person who advertised he repairs phase converters. He said I need one more start capacitor, there were four, he added a fifth and I no longer have a start problem. Summarizing, I was lied to, told the problems I was having were because of the size of the wire I used and the power company was not supplying low voltage. I think to make a few dollars Phoenix lied, did not use enough start capacitors and refused to help when there was a problem. Because I want to give Phoenix a chance to present their side I am willing to post pictures of their converter with the capacitor I had to add and answer any reply they would like to post. .

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