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Published: 07 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Mr James, Munderu hired us to develop a simple website, which later turned out o be much more than that. Mr. James is very amicable, and we decided to beleive in his project, thus decided not to renegotiate the budget, and developed or him, a custom CMS website. Part of the agreement was that we would manage the website for him for a monthly fee, which we did, by making website udpates (various content. ie: galleries, articles, and so on), and even going one step further and taking care of manipualting photographies and so on. After a couple months of non payment, James got back to us with various explanations, out of country, lack of time and so on.. but promised he was going to take care of it. Another month went by and he was getting harder to contact, after 4 months of non payment we suspended his Hosting, James immediatly got ahold of us and gave us a tons of excuses and promises. He asked for us to unsuspend his hosting and promised he would pay soon. He agreed to subscribe a recurring payment with paypal to stop the pile of unpaid invoices and promised to pay the unpaid invoices as soon as possible. He only paid 1 month (when he subscribed via paypal), Paypal was never agan able to debit him a cent, again we started to contact him, initially he gave some excuses and that he was going to take care of it.. a few months went by until we decided to suspend the website again. James out of nowhere was very communicative again (mind me, we tried to contatc him via whatsapp and 2 emails), asking us to make some edits to the website, and for a backup. He aknowledge he had 8 months worth of invoices to pay, and hinted he was going to pay them. Basically started the usual role of excuses, but this time, he was also asking for a full website/hosting which sounded fishy to us so we asked him to pay his invoices, and then we would send him all the backups he wanted.This was when James got angry and admited he was never going to pay. Something along the lines of “this is the last time you hear from me”. The gist of the story. – James is very friendly to basically convince you to work for scraps or to keep you working without payment. He will come up with excuses and promises but if you let it slide, he just wont pay.

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