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Physicians ED Center IS THE LARGEST SCAM you’ll ever know!!

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Published: 20 November 2018

Posted by: richard

Physicians ED Center is possibly the largest scam being run by a group of frauds right now. They have developed an elaborate scheme to fleece people of their money. The scumbags promise a world of treatments and results through their advertisements that they display on papers and various social media sites. Somehow you will be attracted to their ads and will decide to pay them a visit to see what the fuss is about. On your immediate arrival, these doctors hand you a document having ten long pages that has such terms and conditions that is essentially a kind of loan. They expect you to sign the document that states that you owe them several thousand dollars of money and that is despite you get the results you are seeking or not. And what’s more! They expect you to sign the document without even going through. What kind of illiterates do they take their visitors to be? Why on earth would anyone brand a document with your signature without reading It thoroughly and understanding what the document is about? But NO! They will show you impatient behaviours and indignance on wanting to read it. Who the hell are they? Your blood relations that you will trust them blindly? This doctor who handed me the documents was so pissed at me that I was trying to read it. When finally I ignored his obnoxious behaviours and read the document and the disclaimers, I was horrified. I fled immediately and never looked back. I have been warning anyone I know to stay away from these asses.
I sincerely believe the doctors, the nurses, the staff and anyone else involved and associated with this organisation and in any capacity may that be, should be investigated on moral and professional grounds. The doctors need to have their licences revoked God these people are taking advantage of people!!! Essentially their business involves luring as many people as possible into their trap by letting them know that they provide the best medication to treat abnormalities or any sort of problems you might be facing with your sex life. Men can find a solution to their erectile dysfunction and women can respond excessively well to their sex lives with the treatments they provide. The cheating deceitful organisation claims to provide people a happy and content sex life and help men respond to the many tablets available such as Viagra, Levitra and Cialis. They say there won’t be any side effects as well. Now what happens is that they will make you sign these documents costing a lot of money and promise you that they will provide you medicines to improve your sex life. Its honestly the biggest waste of money and time ever. There won’t be any follow ups or nothing at all to see how you are doing later on. Nobody will try and find out how whether those medications are even helping you or if you are seeing results at all. I have heard of may cases where the patients were charged and never sent the promised medicines. In such cases many have even ended up losing money and this is thousands of dollars are talking about.
On one of the occasions, this so called organisation had an outlet at some place. They advertised their services and as customers came to visit them and made payments for their respective treatments, they were told they would receive the said medicines etc on a certain date. One customer I know ended up spending over four thousand dollars on the medicines and the check up and evaluation the doctors did. They waited for seven days or so for the medicines to arrive but days went by and there was no response. Finally they had no choice but to face the organisation. They tried calling and calling to no response and eventually paid the place a visit. When they reached their they found that the office was locked and essentially shut down. Numerous calls, messages and emails led them nowhere. Neither did they receive the treatment and medicines they were promised nor did they get the refund back because the lace itself had been shut down for whatever reasons god only knows. It could have been a genuine problem with the organisation that led them to shut down the outlet but going by their track record, I highly doubt that is the case. There are too may shady experiences and complaint registered against the organisation that suggest otherwise. I do believe sincerely that they are a good for nothing company that are out there to earn money by means of fraud and deceit. I urge everyone of you to come forward and let the world know of your experiences with this company and help bring down the fraud company so they don’t harm anyone else tomorrow. They need to see a day in the court to answer for their crimes. They don’t have the necessary certifications and licenses needed to practice medicine. There have been so many complaint against them they decided to change their advertising strategy altogether. That just implies they have found some other indecent means to dupe patients. Beware!!! Once a cheat and liar Is always a cheat and a liar. There is no reason they will reform their ways! Because the company is still being run by the same scumbag set of people and they are cheats and liars who are out there to fool people. Don’t fall into their trap! Save yourself the losses and waste of time! The moment you see their ads, or anything even remotely associating to Physicians ED Center, RUN! I say run in the opposite direction! No good will come out of entertaining them I promise you! Mark my words and be safe! People have ended in worse conditions than what they had before they visited. Men have reported prolonged erections that can be so dangerous to their health. Imagine their plight! STAY AWAY!!!!!!

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