Pierce Transit (Tacoma, Washington)

False Imprisonment by Bus Driver

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Published: 25 May 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

This note is a complaint about Pierce Transit bus service in Tacoma, Washington, USA. For the sake of privacy and to avoid retaliation, an exact date and time will not be listed. Please know, however, this is a real event.The event occurred between the dates of May 19th to 25th in the year 2020.

I was riding a bus in the evening and got up to exit the bus when it stopped. The doors to exit the bus were closed. When I pushed they wouldn’t open. From experience riding buses, I am aware the bus driver usually has control over the doors. I thought maybe there was a mechanical issue with the door to the bus from the driver’s controls, and that’s why it wouldn’t open. Later, I would come to find that this was not the case.

Out of the corner of my eye, a white female bus driver, maybe 40s or so, was flailing her arms. I was so exhausted from the day and simply desired to get off the bus and get to where I was lodging and go to sleep. Apparently, the bus driver INTENTIONALLY locked the doors, until I heard her ’lecture’ me about something ridiculous. I had earbuds in, and I’m hard of hearing, so I did not hear the intention of her ’lecture.’ Pffff. I put my earbuds back in and tried to get out & pushed the doors. Still, the bus driver REFUSED to let me out. I tried to read her lips and pretended to listen and nod.

I know how to ride a bus and lived in or near cities and visited major cities all over the world with buses. Never in my life have I had a bus driver actually not let me off a bus.This was the first time in my entire life this has ever happened. This is such ill behavior I am certain the bus driver was on an illicit substance and/or had an diagnosed or untreated mental illness. That’s how off kilter the driver’s behavior was.

I believe this borders false imprisonment – affecting my ability to move freely in the world – especially after I expressed I desired to leave. That’s what people do, they ride the bus, then get off eventually at a destination.

Pierce Transit is the absolute worst bus (dis) service I have ever used and I am so horrified to ever visit a friend or lodge in/near the Tacoma area ever again.

What a disgrace!

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