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Published: 16 February 2020

Posted by: Dotson

After much research, I purchases a mattress from Pilgrim Furniture. Big mistake. The saleswoman never left me alone. She didn’t show me any inexpensive mattresses and barely let my head turn in their direction. I mentioned my hesitation to the saleswoman about purchasing a mattress from Pilgrim as they do not offer a 30 day trial period like the bedding stores do. She assured me if I was unhappy, that Pilgrim would return the mattress. When closing the deal, I mentioned again my hesitation and she again reassured me. 10 days later I called Pilgrim to return the mattress as it was hurting my back — they REFUSED. The saleswoman got on the phone and she denied ever saying that to me. I spoke with a Mgr who refused to do anything. He basically told me I was lying and that the saleswoman would never say that. I asked to have one of the owners call me — they never called. If you aske me, the saleswoman said anything to ‘get the sale’. I trusted her – my mistake. I will NEVER purchase anything from Pilgrim again. In addition, I live 5 miles away and they’re delivery charge is $129.99 !!

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