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Published: 21 May 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

If you search the internet for ”Pinellas Auto Brokers complaints” you are greeted with numerous links to various legitimate review sites, and not one good thing is said about this scam company.  How many times do we have to see ”the check engine light had been disabled” or ”the gauge was painted over” before people wake up and realize that this is a typical scam auto broker that preys on technicalities in order to scam people out of their money.  Just go to the BBB website and you will numerous complaints that all basically say the same thing, that they were lied to, got in the car, immediately had problems, and Pinellas Auto Brokers wouldn’t do a thing to to help anyone out.  Compare this with a legitimate place like Car Max, who bends over backwards to make sure a customer is taken care of.  How many lawyers are used by PAB as compared to ”legitimate” places?

My son surprised me 2 years ago when he came over with a used car he had purchased from PAB.  I took a look at it and also determined that the car had never even been inspected by PAB when they took it in, as I did a detailed title search and found that the mileage was even recorded on the title incorrectly.  The car didn’t have a gas cap (should have been part of any inspection before a car goes on a lot), so my son informed me that they told him to come back that day and they’d have a cap for him.  So, I went with him to the lot to see for myself.  We go into the office and the woman behind the desk says to me ”who are you and why are you here?”, just like that, very nasty attitude.  My reply was ”I am this young man’s Father and I am here making sure he is being taken care of.  Her reply was ”well this office is for paying customers, so please leave”.  At this point I told my son that he was on his own and proceeded to leave the office and sit in my car to wait for him to come out.  While I was walking out the door they accused me of kicking their door in (when could this have possibly happened is beyond me).  They threatened to call the police and said that they had video footage of this.  As I said, when could this have possibly happened is beyond me, but they obviously wanted me out of the picture before I gave my son advice to return the car and get a refund.  This place should be shut down and owners put in jail.  They lie, scam, steal, and then fall back on technicalities in paperwork.

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