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Do not even think of going to them!

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Published: 15 July 2019

Posted by: Arturo

I had visited Pinnacle Pain and Spine to get rid of my shoulder pain. I had damaged my rotator cuff and I was afraid that it might’ve been something serious. My visit was good and all, but after visiting this place once, I never went back there for the purpose of getting treatment. Those guys charge way more than any other pain management clinic in the state. Just for an appointment, those guys charged me $150! That’s a lot for an appointment if you ask me. Moreover, that was not all. Those people had told me that my treatment would’ve been covered by my insurance provider. But they were just telling me that. I was doubtful that their treatment would come under my insurance plan. So I checked myself, turns out, my insurance didn’t have enough money to cover for their treatment because it’s so expensive. I don’t think I can trust those guys ever again. I contacted them to check if they still claim that my insurance will cover my expenses and they told me yes. They just had one condition. And that was I would pay them $3000 upfront for the treatment and the rest later. They had told me that they will get that covered with my insurance and issue me a refund later. But when I told them that my insurance plan didn’t cover this treatment, the person on the other end got silent and then started saying that she must’ve confused me with some other patient. You know, I could’ve ended up in a huge financial mess because of the foolishness of the staff at Pinnacle Pain and Spine. Those people kept calling me a number of times for days so that I’d go back and get the treatment. I have started visiting another clinic and I’m pretty sure that I’m never going back there.

First, I had no idea that this place was so overpriced. They charge a lot because their head doctor is very popular. But he doesn’t handle any cases except a few specific ones. And I was pretty sure that he wasn’t handling my case. My case was being handled by someone else. Still, the main problem with the place is, they tried to an insurance fraud with me. They had lied to me about my insurance plan and the cover of my expenses. I would’ve gotten buried within their medical bills. I don’t know how I would have paid those guys. I might have taken a bunch of loans from different people to pay them off. I thank God that I didn’t get treatment from this place. They were deceiving me into getting treatment. That’s unethical. And that is why I thought it was important for other people to know their reality. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t waste my hard-earned money just because a guy in a white coat tells me to. I got treated for my condition without any difficulty but take my advice and avoid these people.

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