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Published: 07 October 2018

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. I signed up with the company for free initially… I started receiving messages from “potential investors” who wanted more information about my startup; however, 1. You have to pay for an upgrade, in order to see and respond to messages. Cost: $149 A. You find out later that it can take 3 months to get funded, which sounds understandable. B. So I upgraded 2. The profile from the investors sound legit, and their messages request an executive summary, and business plan. A. When trying to get funding, this request is also logical, so I complied. 3. After the initial contact from these “investors” there is a waiting period until shortly after the expiration of one’s upgrade before they contact you back. A. This requires another upgrade in order to view and reply to the messages. (Begins to sound fishy) but as an eager startup company, the course of action is apparent… Another upgrade. 4. Because of it seeming a bit odd, I did a bit of investigation. I started taking the profile pictures and running their match through Google photos. I found correlating photos displaying different names than the “investor’s” profile names. A. I inquired to these “investors” about their profile names and photos. To no avail, I received no responses. I had hoped to receive an indication to it just being a facade, for anonymity…. Nope. 5. I was contacted by 2 investors saying that they want to work with me further… They gave me an email address for corresponding outside of the system. The emails I sent out received no reply. 6. I received a phone number from an “investor” who said that her husband and her were from MN. The phone number. Was a MN number, so I called it and got her voicemail. No response back. A week later, I called again and it said that “the magic jack customer is not available.” I’ve upgraded 3 times over the course of 3 months. I’ve had “investors” requesting that I perform certain activities on the site which require upgrades. This site has NO real investors, is a complete waste of time, and opens your company to the liability of someone stealing your idea…. It’s a ripoff.

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