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Published: 14 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I just want people to be aware that if anyone takes on work from Pixl Brick be very cautious. These people ask for money straight up before any work is commenced. These people also don’t do a very good job with the work they’re supposed to carr out doing. Several months ago I asked them to program a mobile application, the whole process said it would take 14 days, yet after 14 days there was still no delivery, yet they were still asking for more money in the form of milestones to be paid saying that they were for the programmers. Being now 2 months and 3 weeks later and after handing over $900 I am yet to still see any form of a mobile application that I requested, I can’t go into details on the type of application as they signed an agreement, but what I can say is that the piss poor quality of there work is absolutely crap and in by no means should anyone hand over any money to these people. Since I warned them that I would be making a complaint they told me to go ahead, so rather than complaining on freelancer.com I opted to come here because more people read the internet and more people will read this knowing that they’re scammers. I did receive some files for the mobile application eventually, but according to Pixl Brick a mobile application is trying to load a website inside a mobile device, this is not a mobile application you dim witted parasite, you told me that you could do all the work carried out from what I asked for, I asked if you had the experience and I was told that you had all the qualifications, yet looking at your profile and you telling me you don’t understand, it has become extremely obvious to not only myself but also too others that you had someone else do the English Exam and get 90%. For someone who doesn’t understand English and requires our team to explain this to you in more basic ways, leaves me to think that you didn’t even take the exam and your English is pretty much useless and i wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve a translator next to you to translate some of the big words, simply because you don’t understand you b***** dim witted parasite. Since it has taken so long I have since taken the advice from a legal firm and am now in the process of handing this over to the local authorities in Indore and also to the Tax department in relations to Fraud. The company Pixl Brick is held in contempt for violating the processes of taking funds without handing over the project files and thus they will be prosecuted to the fullest. With the above issues and not being the only person that seems to have had trouble with Pixl Brick I am also passing this information to the FBI and related departments to make sure Pixl Brick is brought to justice for stealing, fraud and empty promises always telling us that there programmers are working on the job and they will have something soon. Each day Pixl Brick seems to be accepting jobs upto 6+ daily. Obviously seeing the amount of money there is to be obtained, they cant help themselves. One thing I have learned from this experience is to never trust an indian programmer again. I plan on visiting there country after meeting with the local law enforcement and handing over all the evidence that has been compiled and taking a walk to the residence of Pixl Brick. Harsh seems to be there ringleader in the one who accepts all the jobs, be warned that harsh has no programming experience at all, he is just the bum and has nothing to his name.

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