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Published: 04 April 2016

Posted by: Anonymously

My mother is suffering for chronic kindey failure. Wrote to Dr Vikram from with her medical results. He advised to take the formula that is on his website for kidney failure.( the same formula that is designed for the all that has kidney problems)
Bought the meds and her CR went up from 500 to 700 after a month. Wrote to him about the situation, he said not to stop taking but to reduce the intake to half and CR went up to 800 after a 2 weeks. For those who are hopeful of trying other alternatives please do not act out of desperation which was the case of my mother and I. Now I feel guilty for causing her CR to rise so sudden and to be closer to dialysis. Symptoms such as itch (all over her body) has started after the month of taking Dr Vikram’s meds. And her despression has gotten worst.
I am believe in alternative. Dr. Vikram has made me loose faith in aryuvedic meds.
Please do not act out of desperation, we should have realized when he said to buy the entire formula from his site
after giving him my mum’s test results.

This is very sad case for anyone who has hope for cure. If anyone knows of any site that i can post about Dr. Vikram, please advise. People should know about con artists like him.

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