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Published: 06 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I have complained about the treatment of black female members for over 3 months, but have been ignored and dismissed by the owner of the facility located on Western boulevard in Raleigh, North Carolina. Therefore, my only conclusion is that black women are not welcome in this facility and should take their money elsewhere. According to the PF website, customer service is an important and integral part of their business model. When you take the customer service survey, it specifically asks whether or not you as a member are greeted upon entering and leaving the gym. I find this question hypocritical, and say so because I have never been greeted by the general manager of the Western blvd. location and have been working out there for over a year. This guy has an obvious attitude towards black women, as many black men do, and brings this contempt to work where it should have no place. As a black woman, I could not care less whether he likes me or not, but due to the fact that I pay money to support a business, this unwelcoming and unfriendly behavior is very disturbing. I do not spend money where I am not welcome, particularly when there are choices. PF Western blvd., is relocating to Maynard road across from Cary Towne Center mall, but moving up in the world will not improve its image as long as the general manager continues to work there and treat black women as if they do not belong. The difference between the general manager’s treatment of black female members and everyone else, especially white members both male and female, is striking. Kissing the butts of those who have no power and influence will get this kid no where fast in life, and it is sad that he does not know this. This guy has a lot to learn in life including how to leave personal feelings for his clientele at home; everyone’s money is the same color, and for many reasons discriminatory treatment of black female members is a liability. Of course, the general manager is too inexperienced to realize this. However, the franchise owner, Claude Bouchard, should know better. Listen up, black women in Cary and heed my warning not to join this gym unless you like getting disrespected. This is what happened to a black woman in California who was forced to change her clothes because the white girls in the gym started hating on the sports bra which she was wearing and complained to the management. I am cancelling my membership and would rather pay more money each month to join another health club chain and get the type of treatment that everyone else receives. .

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