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Published: 02 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I purchased a car from this dealer it ran good I decided to purchase it so I paid cash for the car it was As Is I understand that. I leave the dealer get a mile down the road battery light and brake lights flashes off and on so i go to gas station to put gas in turn car off won’t start so i push out of the way and go back to the dealer.I tell him what happened he said were no crooks he gave me a jump start and tells me to start it and bring back the so I do he said it was battery terminal so they put a new one I leave to go home about a mile down the road the battery light and brake light keeps flashing off and on so I get it home because they were closing so the next day I call them telling them the battery and brake light kept flashing he said let me check the records and call you back well he didn’t call back so I call he said they were suppose to put new battery in it and the garage that worked on it didn’t so bring car back and will put battery in so i did well it still did it after i got dont the road so i call back it was still doing it he said let me get back with you didn’t hear anything so i call them back he said i needed to bring it back so they can take to the garage to look at it so I take it back to the dealer about 4 or 5 miles from there the car lost power wouldn’t go over 20 mph so we get it there the one owner says go to the garage next door which was the mechanic so we did he comes out and lifts the hood up and said it was battery terminal so he tightens is that time the car shut off he said it has to be in the wiring to take it to this place he gave me i said the car has no power it won’t make it there he said i need to tow it there so he goes over to the dealer and leaves me with the mechanic the mechanic said he could call a tow truck it would probably cost you 25.00 I said i have to pay for it he said I don’t know so I go over to the dealer and i walk in there and i said you want me to pay to town it he said what do you want me to do I said fix the car right he said you bought it As Is I know I bought it as is but damn i didnt drive it 5 minutes after i buy it and lights start coming on. They jump the car and i leave don’t get but 100 yards and had to pull over it wouldn’t go so boyfriend walks to dealer and tells them the one brother comes over to the car at that time thre screaming back n forth about the car he said he would get it looked at on sat or Mon and get back with me well its Tues i haven’t heard anything so i’m in that town I stop over there to see if he figured out what was wrong he gave me my keys and said he’d give my car a jump or tow it somewhere he wasnt fixing it because I posted a comment on a site about the car and the car dealer it was nothing back just about the screwing i’m getting i get in car to get it out of there he tells my boyfriend to shut the f*** up and get out of here u cock sucker so i took the car of there property.

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