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Published: 25 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I booked 2 hotel rooms back in febuary of this year 2014…they had me choose 3 different dates to see which would be availiable ..i wrote them on their website in april and the john guy emailed me saying he didnt have any record of me choosing any dates so i did it over and he wrote me saying i was good for August and that i would recieve hotel info in the mail..i waited 2 weeks and still nothing i emailed him back i told him i was gonna tekl everyone that they were frauds and that i want my money back then he sent me a food voucher ..point is i never recieved anything about my hotels rooms nor all of my vouchers i looked for their website but couldnt find it so i kept emailing him no response i will never do anything online again after this experience…i kept all my emails and screen shot everything i paid for just for this reason

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