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Published: 10 February 2018

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Platinum Resorts was presented to us at the time of purchase of a “”Fractual Ownership”” at “”Puerto Bahia Villas & Spa”” in La Cruz, Nayarit Mexico. Platinum said that they had a Buyer for our timeshare, Plus, they were a company that rented out our extra weeks that we got from “”Puerto Bahia Villas & Spa””. “” Puerto Bahia Villas & Spa”” was a New Construction Resort, and we were on the ground level. We traveled back to Puerto Vallarta to check on the progress, and were satified with the progress. However, “”Platinum Resorts”” was taking quite a while to give us money for the Timeshare they “”Sold”” and the money from the weeks that they had rented. They came saying that things were done differently with the Mexican Government, and kept changing the dates for the money. In April 2013, we came back to see how things were progressing at “”Puerto Bahia Villas & Spa””. (We had been told that we would be receiving our money any day.) When we were asked if we would like to purchase an additional property, that had been given back, (Only owners had this privledge), we thought about it. We ask them to verifiy that indeed our other weeks had been rented and out of their system, so we could determine if we wanted to invest any more money. The saleman, Hugh Gagen, said that he had checked, and yes, they were out of their system. With that being said, and this looking like it could be a great investment for us, we went ahead and purchased the additional “”Fractual Ownership Property””. However, this time “”Puerto Bahia Villas & Spa”” wanted to let us know, that they are a separate company than Platinum Resorts. They also wanted us to sign a form that stated that we were NOT counting on the money from this investment to pay what we owed. Sure enough, by the time we got home, there was one excuse after another as to why we were not going to get the money yet.

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