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Published: 25 April 2020

Posted by: Chef_Nurse29

During my admissions interview I grilled the representative about accreditation and credit transfers. I was assured they were “fully” accredited. After completing the program, however, I am unable to transfer my credits anywhere in oklahoma! They are not accredited by the oklahoma board of education, rather by a scam company in florida. I have filed a bbb complaint, and pleaded through letters and personal meetings with the staff to refund me my tuition as my “degree” isn”t worth the paper it”s printed on. I will be seeking legal counsel in the near future, and luckily I have several other credible student witnesses who will corroborate my story. I urge you all to stay away from all platt colleges. The staff is only interested in money, not education. Equipment is sub-par, and most instructors don”t have degrees in the field they are teaching! I could go on and on, but I will surmise it to say “it”s a nightmare”.

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