Platte Vape Company

The product is not tested for quality and that is a risk for customers.

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Published: 21 July 2019

Posted by: Victoria

I am not impressed with the customer services of Platte Vape Company.

Their impolite manner and their ignorant behavior had given me a bad experience while shopping at the store. The store owners are impatient with customers and are not helpful when asked about a product. Staff members of Platte Vape Company are not friendly and neglect customer care.

The business does not have the expertise for customer’s services and doesn’t provide comfort or quality to customers. The needs of a customer are not accommodated for and I found out for myself. An experience that showed me Platte Vape Company has none of what I can brag about for an excellent introduction trade. The brands are huge in their industry but they didn’t give me quality products and that is not what I expected from this fancy business name.

Platter Vape Company is about poor quality and unfriendly staff. I entered the store in the hope of having a warm welcome, but I received a negative attitude from staff members and that instantly drove me away from the store.

The business is not run well by the family. I don’t recommend Platte Vape Company for the unfriendliness I had experienced. There are no rich services for customers which I know should always come first. I don’t recommend Platter Vape to customers for its low value in customer demands. I don’t see Platte Vape Company with high values or high trade and don’t wish to think of Platter Vape Company due to the lack of knowledge the staff members have of products.

The prices are high and not negotiable. The Platte Vape Company don’t cater to my needs and quality of juices are not pure, also the selection of products is poor to customers. No quality, comfort, and no different to other stores and is not what I would recommend to anyone else.

The staff doesn’t encourage customers to buy products. There is no solution to rude behavior toward customers, at Platte Vape Company, they lack quality and manners of how to talk to customers.

This Vape store is not looking for suggestions from outside the store and to help customers with a friendly smile.

The staff members don’t spare a few minutes to talk to customers about their product and to make customers feel good at their store while shopping around. I don’t recommend Platte Vape Company to anyone in search of their products. Try elsewhere online.

They won’t get my support and won’t improve on customer’s services if they keep up with that unfriendliness behavior with customers. Staff members are not knowledgeable of the vape juice and of the flavors they have in store, I received low value for what I felt would be a better choice to buy from this store.

The products are not of the best quality or the best prices from Platte Vape Company. The business cannot grow from the low-quality products and high prices which Platter Vape Company offers to customers. I won’t buy from Platte Vape Company again for their lack of respect they have toward customers.

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