Plattner Automotive Group

The Biggest Cheater and a Huge Scam

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Published: 28 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

My cousin worked for Doug Plattner, the owner of Plattner Automotive group. She resigned work just a week ago and she worked for only two months. When she told me her entire experience at the Plattner Automotive group, I was shocked to death. Mr. Doug is the biggest cheater and the Plattner Automotive group is a huge scam and this I am able to tell only after listening to my cousin’s experience and not having personally worked at the Plattner Automotive group. She told me how the company charges the customer almost upto five hundred dollars extra. They promise the customer that they will give a lot of complementary in-built extra fixtures but they lie, there are no extra fixtures. They deliver only once the customer has filled the feedback and if the ratings are not satisfactory or if there is a bad feedback, he gets them deleted by a professional hacker. The pay is ridiculous, even a high school part timer earns more. My cousin was not paid until she had convince them that she would go to the police. There were many lawsuits against this company. They had violated several rules and had many illegal procedures. They owe all of their suppliers huge sums of money and to cover for it, they over charge their customers. The day my cousin joined for work, she told me twelve people resigned because of all the reasons mentioned. She also told me that she heard stories of abuse by Mr. Plattner. When my sister decided to leave and submit her letter of resignation, she called both Mr. Plattner and his wife several time but they ignored her calls. Only when she threatened that she would take matters to the police, they responded. Ii suggest no one ever work or buy at this place.

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