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Published: 03 January 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I adopted a pony from End of the Line Rescue in Pennsylvania. Since I live in Virginia and due to work constrictions I could not pick up the pony immediately. I was contacted by Kelly Gebhardt, who supposedly runs Pleasant View Farm aka Last Lap Horse Haven. She offered to pick up the pony for $20.00, since she was already picking up a couple of other horses from the same location and taking them back to her farm. I agreed upon that price, as well as a price of $295.00 for 30 days of quarantine. I was going to make my own arrangements for a health certificate, and have my own trailer to come remove him and bring him home to my own farm. A couple weeks later, I get an invoice from her with numerous charges for $390.00 for QT, cleaning the trailer, mileage for hauling him, treating him for Strangles, etc. I questioned these charges, because to my knowledge he did NOT have Strangles, and we had an agreement for a set price. Nor was I informed of him being medically treated for ANYTHING. I did not dispute the farrier charge, as that was agreed upon, and he desperately needed it. I was also told, in her email, that she wanted me to not tell anyone he had Strangles, as it would make people scared to use her facility. My bullshit radar went off, BIG TIME, on this. A couple days later, someone brought it to my attention that she had posted a video on her site of the pony out in a field, with other horses, running and playing. At this point, I contacted her again, and asked for an explanation. Nothing came but verbal abuse and accusations I was abandoning the pony…Far from the truth. I then called the veterinarian she uses and was told that pony did NOT have Strangles and was NOT treated for any illness. I also called the contact at End of the Line Horse Placement and was told that she had treated the pony before he left and he was fine. No discharge, no abcess. no illness. Hmmmmmmm…..Things aren’t adding up here. The issue of Pleasant View’s IRS status then came up, as she was purporting to be a rescue. I checked with the IRS and they not only did they NOT have them as a 501c3, as she was purporting to be, but they already had several complaint against them. I then called the FBI to report this as a scam, and was told by the Intake Agent that they, too, had received numerous calls and reports and had opened an investigation. My information was taken, and I have been cooperating with the Field Agent who is dealing with this. I was advised by the Intake Agent at that time to call the PA Dept of Agriculture, which I did. I also found out, via Public Records, that Ms. Gebhardt is driving on a suspended license, and has a criminal record. Had I known this, I would never have entered into ANY business arrangement with her. She has been hauling horses on a suspended license and has the audacity to charge an excessive amount for it! I checked the mileage between the two facilities and she doubled it on my invoice. Ms. Gebhardt has a history of scamming people, it’s a matter of public record. I still, by rights, own that pony, but refuse to pay her inflated, bogus invoice. In the meantime, she continues to take DONATIONS (NOT a 501c3) and bilk unknowing, innocent people out of their money for “rescues”, which she turns around and sells. To add icing to this very unpalatable cake, she has somehow gotten her hands onto two TB stallions, which she intends to breed more unwanted horses. Rescues do not breed…They are there to rescue, rehab and rehome. Not add to the population. BEWARE OF DEALING WITH HER or HER AFFILIATES!! She’s a known con. .

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