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Published: 24 February 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

For real reviews and experiences of others with this company and their products, please visit: I’ve observed over and over with plexus worldwide when a negative is posted, it is removed as soon as possible as is the person who posted it. And here i’ve seen ambassadors tag complaint as “suspicious”. Lol unlike honest, ethical companies who allow all reviews to be visible, plexus works diligently to erase them from cyberspace. They are out there and there are more everyday. I posted a bit of my experience here almost a year ago and later that month i was terminated. Yes, i was an ambassador with plexus worldwide. I based my decision to join the company on the following: I was told by sonya dudley, diamond ambassador with plexus worldwide this was a business that could be done online,and she achieved her rank of “emerald” through facebook alone. I asked if i needed to follow a certain program to lose weight and was told “oh no! that’s the beauty of plexus, you don’t change a thing!” This is recorded on my blog) It was advertised all over facebook to simply “drink pink and shrink”. Even the corporate welcome page boasted “lose weight faster than you ever imagined”. When the product was not working for me or my customers, i asked for advice on what to do, but was met with indecisive avoidance. “oh, well, i don’t have that happen, wow”, etc. Never could get a straight answer. Then it was all about “health” and weight loss was a bonus. That’s not how it was presented to me thus i was gravely mislead. The product changed and the leaders knew it wasn’t working, but continued “cheerleading” their teams and the massive “cover up” began. Plexus worldwide proudly states how fast they are growing. Well, when people who resigned are continued to be charged the yearly $34.95, it sure appears as growth. Plexus makes it so easy to join yet so difficult to resign. If you are an ex-ambassador who continues to be charged the $34.95 yearly fee i hope you will respond or speak your truth here. There are literally thousands. And let’s not forget the adverse side effects experienced by some such as stroke and heart and liver damage. Again, if you experienced this, please please voice your experience and possibly save a life! While this “snake oil” may work for a few, it certainly doesn’t work for most. Why do i need to pay $100 a month for plexus slim? We can all lose weight by eating clean, drinking tons of water and exercising. My journey for truth led to the termination of my position sept 2014, and i still don’t know why. Never have i experienced a company with such lack of ethics, integrity and professionalism.

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