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Published: 10 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Do not use PLOTKIN BAIL BONDS or the services of SEAN PLOTKIN. This company is a FRAUD and the owner is a SCAM ARTIST. On several occassions in October of 2014, SEAN JOSHUA PLOTKIN and his partner in crime, Vice President MEJKEN ZAHN Also known as MEJKEN ZAHN HERNANDEZ continue to use the name of other bail bond companies in order to steal their business. AFTER being warned several times, PLOTKIN AND ZAHN refused to stop their criminal-and fraudulent behavior. PLOTKIN BAIL BONDS uses the name of other bail bond companies and has been advertising using the name of Lipstick Bail Bonds. Lipstick Bail Bonds is owned and operated by a female by the name of Teresa Golt. SEAN PLOTKIN is a FRAUD AND A THIEF> PLOTKIN continues to advertise on google and other internet sites using the name of other bail bond companies and stealing their identitity SEAN PLOTKIN impersonates the female company LIPSTICK BAIL BONDS and uses his assistant MEJKEN ZAHN to impersonate Lipstick Bail Agents on the phone. SEAN PLOTKIN and MEJKEN ZAHN are a FRAUD. They are thieves who are stealing money and business from a small mom and pop company who built their business from scratch. This is wrong. SEAN PLOTKIN of PLOTKIN BAIL BONDS and MEJKEN ZAHN are guilty of IDENTITY THEFT A police report has been filed with the Long Beach Police Department ( Report 14-1030911 ) as well as the Anaheim Police Department ( 14328 ) and California Department of Insurance, and the California Attorney General’s Office. In addition, a lawsuit is in process. These con artists need to be STOPPED at once. If you have been a victim of their scam and lost thousands of dollars as well, please contact Long Beach Police Department.

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