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Published: 19 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I am looking for anyone else who had had the same experience with this MN team! Especially Ian Dawson! He has been an isurance agent for 9 months! He is a territory manager! He said he was a “new” manager and that he had a couple of agents but they made no money and quite! Very unprofessional! First meeting with him he was over 3 hours late, next couple weeks also more than hour late on more than one occassion! Yelled at me the first time I met him within 30 minutes and DEMANDED my old accounts (I was previous agent) Said I reminded him of another guy.. (I am woman over 50) that was insurance agent and did not listen to him, made no money and quite! Wanted me to convert my clients the first week of work when there are slits! I finally gave in a gave him a couple! TO FIND OUT THE FOLLOWING WEEK! My check is wrong! He put them in HIS name! We are advanced part of the year! He stole not only renewals but first year commission on 2 applications! Also he has NOT answered where is my pay on another client we serviced together! I called biz link the policy issued! Directly lied to me! Referrals got working together were to be both of ours! LIED AGAIN… said was a good GTL and that he wrote nothing! He wrote a big policy kept it all and LIED TO ME! I was hired as territory manager to service existing accounts 2 hours from home! Thought I was hired by Washington National! PMA associates their broker in MN! Never heard of Conseco before! I started journaling each day! Sent to his manager Rick Bloome state manager! (they are friends, nothing done) Sent to PMA vpresident and also national sales director nothing done…. Ian left me in county alone and stayed with Rick worked a different county left me with NO tools NOT EVEN AGENT HOT LINE NUMBER (got that from Rick after first round of turning Ian in) draws late or not given ian does not answer phone when he steals commission and checks wrong bad weather he gets ricks 4 wheel drive and works in my county without even telling me he is there or meeting up btw I did work my maps!! There was only one week roads were safe especially being alone in a county NOW THEIR SOLUTION have me meet another regional manager to tell me HOW THINGS are done NOT ONE ISSUE OF IAN LYING STEALING UNPROFESSIONAL LATE has EVER BEEN DELT WITh Ian also yelled at me, when I got referrals and wrote business anyway! Told me I could not work referrals I had to tell him! Some are not answering me now! He took them! so what is company policy when: your manager steals your sales? your manager does not send in for your weekly draw or its late you personally hand your manager an application and he sits on it for 2 weeks before faxing it in what is PMA policy when your managers yells at you within half hour first time meeting you you are told one thing when hired and another in the field your manger shows up hours late for every meeting (STUCK waiting, no tools to work with myself, not so much as applications anybody who has had experience with these thugs.. let me know trying to keep what I have on the books and NOT HAVE THE writing agent switched!! I have seen on the reports here, that is what they do! Then they send a bill for the commission advanced .

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