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PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. Review

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Published: 17 February 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I have an automatic withdrawal that comes out every month. I had enough funds to cover it. I checked my account online and it had the auto withdrawal posted and I still showed a positive balance. The next day, I checked and my account was charged a 36.00 overdraft fee. I had “pending items” which are now not going to clear because of the overdraft fee making the account short. They told me that the pending items went against the account balance first before the auto withdrawal which made the withdrawal bounce. I told her I knew that one of the pending items would not clear and therefore I was making a deposit before it posted so it would clear and she said it’s too late. Why, if the pending items are not posted yet, are they not giving you time to deposit money in your account? Why do they count pending items against your balance before they actually post and therefore cause other items to bounce even though the money was actually there for those items? This is just bad business and I think there should be a class action filed because obviously I’m not the first one this has happened to. I’ve been a PNC customer for years and my employer also does business with them as our paychecks are auto deposited there. I may have to find another bank because this is absurd. It is near impossible for us to know what items are going against our accounts in what order when we can go online and it shows something entirely different. What good is checking your account online if your balance is never what they have at the bank. .

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