Dr. David Todoroff

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Podiatrist secretly took videos of colleagues in restroom

A podiatric physician has been taken into custody after being accused of secretly videotaping his colleagues in the restroom at the Lower Paxton Township office of his. As per the charging documents, there are five misdemeanor counts of invasion of privacy charges against Dr. David Todoroff.
As stated in the criminal complaint, last month a colleague of him had found a cell phone inside the restroom at Keystone Podiatric. The recording phone was placed cunningly inside a shoe and sock. An empty wallet was against the phone to keep it from falling.
Todoroff admitted to keeping the phone in the employee restroom after being confronted by his colleagues. He agreed to surrender the phone to his colleagues. He confessed of placing the phone in the restroom since the last few weeks. He said he would delete the recordings after watching them.
Todoroff’s phones and laptops have been confiscated by the police. According to the complaint, they found four videos of his partially naked colleagues on his phone.
The police said that the restroom is a restricted area and only employees of the Keystone Podiatric are allowed to access it.
Todoroff was put on trial on Friday and he got released on $25,000 unsecured bail. A preliminary hearing will take place on 5th January.
A spokeswoman of Pinnacle Health said that he is not a part of their medical staff anymore.

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