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Made my dog starve, inhuman bunch of unprofessionals

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Published: 26 April 2019

Posted by: sabrina

I had left my pet at the Pooch Hotel for a weekend. I had to go out for an official meeting and I thought it’d be great for my dog to meet other ones. I had read a lot about them online and I was quite excited for my dog.

They did show me my dog through webcam every now and then. But it was quite depressing to see my dog sitting there all alone. I called them up and asked them why was my dog behaving this way and they told me he’s a little nervous.

I thought that was okay. But I was wrong. These people are real scumbags who don’t treat your pups the way they should be treated. My dog was scared of them. And when I got him home, I could see he was starving. He was dull, tired and hungry.

I was so sad to look at my little baby boy in that condition. I contacted the Pooch Hotel about this and why was my dog behaving this way. They told me my dog was a little nervous about meeting new dogs and that’s it. I was quite certain they were lying because when I had left him there, he was happy and smiling. I bet they didn’t treat him properly. All I’m certain of is they didn’t feed him properly.

He finished his bowl so quickly when he had his first meal at home that I couldn’t believe it. When I told some of my friends about this incident one of them told me that Pooch Hotel is, in fact, a pathetic place. They really don’t feed your pets properly. They don’t have sufficient staff to look after the numerous dogs and cats prowl there. And they don’t bother to follow the feeding schedule you give to them.

The way my dog was starving after arriving from that place made me realize that I’ll never ever use the services of the Pooch Hotel. They follow a fixed feeding schedule for all the pets there and if your pet doesn’t eat at that time, he/she can forget eating for 3-4 hours. And that can be really traumatic for a pet who only knows love.

I had contacted their management and complained to them about the treatment my pet received. They simply told me that they tried their best but my pet didn’t comply much. If I had known they are this much careless then I wouldn’t have contacted them in the first place. They are doing false advertising on their website by claiming to be caring and loving. They are far from loving and caring. In reality, they are low-minded and selfish human beings who are misleading people about their behavior towards their pets.

I would never bring my dog to those people. I hope my story will help you in making an informed decision regarding these criminals too. If they can’t treat the pets properly, they shouldn’t even be allowed to work in this sector.

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