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Published: 09 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I paid pool doctor contractors to add a hot tub, replace the liner and add a pool heater and spa heater. I paid for this in full. After I paid I had questions as to how to operate the system and some issues of the installation that were not complete. I have waited or months at a time for someone to show up to complete the job. I then had to hire a different company to open the pool because the company said I didn’t reserve a date months in advance!!! I gave the pool do for 70,000!!!! As soon as I made the last payment they began to ignore me and my requests for assistance to complete the installation along with an instruction on how to operate everything. They then contacted me after numerous attempts to call them for help operating the machines and had the audacity to tell me they were going to charge me JUST to show me how to use a system that I paid them 70,000 to install. I didn’t have a choice but to agree and pay. The person who came out was named Craig. He had no clue what he was doing or how to operate my pool system. He was rude and cursed at me. I asked him to explain a few things and also make sure my pool was cleaned properly as that is what I paid for (I was charged for the cleaning and charged for the instruction). Craig left my house after I told him my pool wasn’t cleaned and I didn’t receive instruction on how to use the system. He took my book of notes, called me a “f****** b****” and told me “to go f*** myself”. When I called the. I pant number they said it was my fault because I didn’t sign up for the weekly maintenance contract and that Craig was justified in cursing at me because he couldn’t help it if I didn’t understand. I am so hurt. I have never been treated so badly by a company. .

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