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Porter finance ripped off my money. I had invested $250.00 in the first attempt, then I was contacted by broker, David Ferro, who asked me to invest $1500.00. He used to call me each time I went on the site.
He did a few successful trades for me. My idea was to just keep investing in small trades. He pushed me for more investments all the time. Then we did trade for a long term after that with the $5000 I had deposited.
He urged to invest more and more even though I wanted to do small trades. I wanted it to be like the start, where he called me all the time, we were winning some and losing some trades but were always on the beneficial side at the end of the week. My account was handed over to Dean Rossini after I made several more deposits. Lucy darwin was another broker I traded with at the same time. Till this time, my account was growing nicely.
My account was then handed over to Donald Mayfield, and Alex Miller and Nicolas Bailey also contacted me sometimes. I was convinced to deposit more money in order to go to high trading level. I added large sums of money then.
Everything went south after that. Donald started making long term trades in the High/ low category. He did good trades in the start to win my confidence in him. Then he started making bad investments knowingly, in a month’s time all my money was locked in some long term investments trades. He made some High/low trades that can sometimes go locked for 3 months and there was nothing I could do about it.
This company and the brokers are all cheat. They never do what they promise to do. I was told by Donald that I would get my money back but it didn’t happen. My emails to them go undeliverable and they do not even call me now. I fail to understand how their offices are still working in the USA and these people are not behind the bars. These people need to be put out of busines.
I needed that money for medical expenses and living cost and I can’t believe I lost all of my hard earned money to these losers.. My wife is super angry with me and my life is now davastated.

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