Even if you do repent in this world, you will burn in hell, Porter Stansberry!!!!

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Published: 28 August 2017

Posted by: Karen C. Smith

Being a foreigner, it’s very difficult to get a job in America but I managed to get a good job in a multinational company ADC Telecommunications and it was in the period of recession.
Everything was going quite well. In the meantime, a friend, John Clarke, recommended me to invest in stocks for avoiding excessive taxes. So I decided to invest in stocks. My first interest was in Fannie Mae.
The next morning, on 5th June 2008, I was searching websites and other details regarding this company when suddenly, I found a research made by an investment advisor named Porter Stansberry who stated that this company is going to get bankrupt!!!!
On 15th June 2008, a colleague stated that the stocks of Fannie Mae had fallen by 70%. From that day onwards, Mr. Stansberry was like a god to me.
I read every column on his website which regularly featured on Yahoo Finance and the comments made regarding many companies like Lehman Brothers which also collapsed on 15th September 2008.
After his predictions, I felt that this man was reliable as he had provided such good reviews about some of these giant companies who literally went bankrupt in the same year.
I was very much confused what to do, where to invest as my tax bills went on the peak. I got information from my colleague, Amy that Mr. Stansberry owns an investment company named Stansberry Research & Associates and it has several investment programs that would double my wealth and would be a complete solution to all my troubles.
So without any delay, I went to this company and Amy introduced me to Mr. David who was the marketing Manager of this group and he explained me the benefits of this scheme. There was completely no loss but that son of a bitch never told me that 40% interest would be cut off from the nominal value.
Mr. David pretended to be my well-wisher and took the advantage of my lack of knowledge for investments. He also managed to get $60,000 from my pocket as an initial investment of the scheme and when I asked him to provide written documents for proof, he just refused and said that we were pals and to leave everything to him “Your investment is in good hands”, he said.
Each week, a newsletter came to me in a sample like this:
1) “No Risk” stocks that represent ultra-safe, lasting nest eggs; and
2) References that feature undervalued stocks poised for growth.
As David was a very good friend of mine, he asked me to provide some loan to his company amounting to $18,000. I didn’t refuse him and told him to wait for fifteen days to collect this huge sum of money from my mom who is residing at Bangladesh.
She sold my jewelry which she’d kept for my marriage and provided the money and as per my word, I gave that son of a bitch all the money I got from my mother.
A few months later, on September 2009, when I asked David to give the records of my investments; he told me that he will provide all the data within three months of time.
In the third month, he completely disappeared into the air. I tried to contact Amy but found out that she was his stepdaughter and finally, I realized that I was a victim of a fraud.
I tried to explain to the other departments, i.e. finance, brokerage etc. of Stansberry Research & Associates but they refused to help me in any way. When I informed them about the scheme I had entered in, they explained me another set of rules and I was just completely shattered upon hearing them.
I also personally talked to Mr. Stansberry regarding this issue but he cursed me and behaved in a rather crude manner! I was completely shocked and was thinking that when these fucking bastards seek investments, they treat people like us as if we are such important people and when their goals are met, they treat us like a tissue paper.
I threatened Mr. Stansberry that I would sue his company for not returning my money but he didn’t budge. And I sued Stansberry Research & Associates.
I really pray that Mr. Stansberry would stand in my position someday and that even if he repents in this world, he will definitely burn in hell.

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