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Published: 23 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I was getting calls from PRA and they kept on calling even after I told them to please send a DV (debt validation) letter. They said “You have to do that since your debt is so old”. The debt was an old Sears card that was paid off with a re-fi 12 years ago. They claim I owe them $2399, when the payoff amount was $1599 and I have the proof. The calls continued and continued until I decided to do this. RING I answer and say “Hello” Long Pause Hello, may I please speak to KD? You are speaking to him. KD, I am calling from Portfolio Recovery and we are a debt collector and I must inform you that this call will be recorded and maybe monitiored for quaility assuarance. I say “That’s very nice, please be advised that I am recording the call on this end as well” PRA says in a firm voice “I do not consent to recording” and I say “Neither do I, don’t like it, too bad” PRA says “You need to call me from a non taped line” and I say “I will do not such thing because your all a bunch of liars, thiefs and cheats and I have asked many time for DV letter and you will not send it” PRA says “Sir, I can not continue this call” and I say “Don’t call back” and they say “We will tommorow” and I said “Don’t think you will be anymore”. I then went the PRA website, and hit “Visit our online Complaint Resolution Center for answers to frequently asked questions about your account with PRA LLC.” I created a gmail account with an email ( required) and then filled out the form and told them the following” PRA You are herbey notified that any phone call to 1.555.555.5555 is being recorded. Your agents do not consent to being recorded – you are recording me, so I am recording you. You are hereby notified to Immediately CEASE AND DESIST any phone calls to 1.555.555.5555 or any phone number you may have on file and contact me via the United States Postal Service. My phone lines are all recorded and I will use my call logs against your in court. I did hear back from them in email saying “If necessary we will contact you via other communications channels”. Final Word, tell them they are being recorded even if you are not – They hate that!! Then do what I did above – It works! I have not heard from them by phone or in the mail !!

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