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Published: 18 December 2018

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I ordered a POS system over the phone, one of the most important things for me was that the software I was buying would work with the Zebra label printer and I made it appoint to ask just before I placed the order if the software would work with it and Christopher Surico said YES, I went ahead and placed my order for the pos systerm (software and hardware) for $1,100 and video surveillance for $399.99…A few days after placing my order I find out the system doesnt actually work with the zebra but I had to buy a regular printer and the tags would be printed on Avery 5160 tags, was very disappointed but let it go. Chris’ cover to that lie was that it does work with the zebra I would just have to enter everything manually, basically saying it did NOT work with their system, he just said it did so I could buy. 2 weeks later I receive the system, came in 2 shipments, 1 from amazon including a receipt printer for $34 and less than 3star reviews, a bar code scanner for $19.99 and cash drawer for $53. The second shipment came in an amazon box but shipped from Chris that had the 19.5 inch DELL all in one computer with the software pre-installed, the computer was $250 on amazon and the software POS maid is for $60. For a TOTAL OF $ 416 EVEN THOUGH I PAID 1,000. I had planned on ordering 2 more systems but after not liking what I received i told Chris I wouldnt order the other 2 systems and I wanted to cancel the video surveillance, he said he had submitted the request and would only charge me for shipping and processing fees, I asked how much and he said he would double check and get back to me, that was on monday! On thursday I send an email inquiring if my refund had been processed and how much they would charge me for shipping and processing, the response is, it hadnt been submitted and they would do it right away. I send another email on Tuesday asking for answers and they tell me they requested a return for the cameras and once they are returned to their offices, they would review the cameras and issue me a refund in 10 business days, they also tell me my refund would be $310, $50 for shipping, $30 is for the webcame that came pre-instaled in the pos system computer that already comes builtin by dell and $10 processing fee! At this point I realise they are just ripping me off and ask for a tracking number for the cameras they claim they shipped to me and they tell me once they canceled the order, the tracking number fell out of their system but they can track it and would let me know once they receive it and issue my refund.. I believe the cameras where never shipped in the first place but they just wanted to charge me the $50 shipping fee. I also believe this company preys on unsuspecting innocent people and tries to rip them off as much as they can. I am returning everything to them even though they insistt I dont have a money back option and filed a dispute with my bank and hopefully they can help me get all my money back. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY/website, am pretty sure you will receive the exact same junk i received.

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