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Published: 26 January 2020

Posted by: Courtney Elyse

I am absolutely disgusted with the CONSTANT advertising of “Prager U” on your streaming service. Your company has made it a priority to stifle small-time creators, claiming they use “offensive” or political content, yet you sell advertising space to an organization that subjects viewers to uninformed, extremely biased and borderline racist ads that cater to fear mongering. If your “no offensive or political content” rule applies to creators, then why does it not apply to those you allow to advertise on your site? At a time when I was considering purchasing a YouTube Red subscription, I now find myself considering leaving YouTube altogether due to this double-standard, and frankly, the hypocrisy on the part of your company. I hope you will re-consider your partnership with Prager U and your decision to shove their offensive ads down the throats of viewers who come here for entertainment.

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