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Published: 09 March 2019

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The purpose of this report is to warn my fellow loss control consultants and put the insurance companies on notice that use cheap inspection companies like Preferred Reports it will cost you millions in the long run. Preferred Reports is the company you would prefer not to do business with if you value your business at all. The following email conversation illustrates greed at its best. It begins at the bottom with my making contact to my client after realizing that I was killing myself for what turns out to be less than $10 an hour. I was not paid for time and travel expenses and was short paid $400 based on their low standard. I admit after reading the contract more closely that the interview was more of a bait and switch. I was kept so busy for a few weeks I it took me some time to realize what was going on. My final pay was little more than $600. I did 19 jobs for this company. All but 3 or 4 were many many miles away from my base of operations in Shreveport, LA to include San Augustine, TX, Alexandria, LA, Texarkana, TX, Monroe, LA, Bastrop, LA Longview, TX to name a few. I did my last job in Rustin, LA but did not turn it in since they did not square their account with me. It was a school with children of all ages that had several hazards and they wanted to pay me only $40 to complete it. Additionally, I did a multi-story office building 2 hrs away that had complex calculations needed to determine the square footage which there was a discrepancy on between the city and insured. Part of the building was 2 story, 3 story and 4 story. Dimensions on large parking lot and additional building were also required. It took hours to complete documenting all the hazards also found and they paid me less than $80 and did not pay my travel.

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