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Published: 29 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

After spending $15,000 to have a premier bath installed i discoved that the installer had put the GFI rreset button in the basement. once I got the tub filled the hydrotherapy option did not work. So I drained the 50+ gallons, dressed and went down to push the reset. I deciced then to just use it for a shower and had a bad fall because the shower curtain does not keep water from going behind the faucets and I had a huge puddle on the floor. The lovely pictures of people relaxing in this device are decptive because you are sitting bold upright in a box if you try to use it as a tub. Now to make matters worse I have had this tub for less than five years and the vinyl(tile look alike substance) has cracked and is getting the wall behind it all wet. But this vinyl like stuff is glued onto an unprimed particle board which does not allow me to remove it easily to tile the surround. In general I would advise you not to respond to the advertisements for this product as they make it sound too good. If it worked as advertised it would be lovely but you will freeze while you wait to fill it and have to sit patiently to wait for it to drain before you can get out of this plastic box. Don’t even think about using it as a shower unless you coat your bathroom floor with towels because there is no way to shower without getting at least a quart of water on the floor. It’s too late to correct my problem but I want to be sure this company does not pray on more people who have disabilities.

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