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Published: 21 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I went online to try and find a new Health Insurance Plan. This place called me and asked several questions and then put me on hold and came back and told me they could get me a NO Deductible plan for anything and it included Vision and Dental for $409.00 a month. Told me it was because Unifed Health One was having a “”Special Enrollment”” period that could be gone in 5 minutes. Well, if it is too good to be true, then it probably is. I was very sceptical as I have worked with health plans before and I knew this had to have some kind of catch. They told me I was “”Guaranteed Enrollment”” Like an idiot I went along with it and gave my credit card number, but would not give them my social. They needed to review with me so I started asking questions. Icould hear a man in the background telling Kristin what to say to me. She became very rude and condenscending and then he got on the phone and was just plain rude. I hung up on him because he was yelling at me. He called me back and I told him I would not buy insurance from anyone who yelled at me. He told me if “”I would shut my mouth and listen with the two ears that God gave me, he would explain to me the plan””. Yep, that is what he said. I did not say another word. He continued to yell at me and when I asked why he was yelling he said he needed to talk over my questions because I was not listening to him. I calmly told him I would not be purchasing insurance from anyone who yells at me and hung up. Now, I have worked in Human Resource and purchased Health Insurance for companies I have worked with. I am not dumb (other than I did give them my credit card number which was very dumb) I am knowledgable about insurance. Please, whatever you do….this place is scamming!! If you cannot ask questions about a Health Insurance Policy, it is a SCAM! .

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