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Published: 19 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I was on my way out of the Trumbull Westfield Mall when I passed this kiosk with a short, young man passing out samples of an eye serum. Wanting to be polite, but wanting even more to just go home, I reached out to take the serum and attempted to keep walking. The hand that I reached out to take the serum was grasped by young Igor and I was gently pulled closer to the kiosk. He moved swiftly and without gaining my permission, began buffing one of my nails. He never stopped talking, never let me get much of a word in, and rarely stood with less than six inches of space between us. He proceeded to take a finger on my other hand and buff that as well. Then there was the demo of the salt scrub. As he sprayed my hands, I had to keep stepping back because the spray kept hitting my clothes. No matter how many times I checked and stepped back, he didn’t stop spraying or adjust the angle of the water bottle. He also never shut up. He was relentless about getting me to buy the Hand & Nail kit. Normally $59.95, on an “anniversary sale” for $39.95. R-e-l-e-n-t-l-e-s-s. I told him that I really didn’t have the money (seriously, I don’t). But I couldn’t seem to get away. I was so deeply uncomfortable with how close he’d been the whole time that it just threw off my defenses and my guard. And I swear my ears and head were just ringing with the non-stop talking. So I caved, and spent money I don’t have, just to shut him up and get away. That wasn’t enough. He wanted to sell me salt scrub. I again protested, and again he was r-e-l-e-n-t-l-e-s-s. Because I was “such a good customer” he’d knock the scrub down to $19. Again, I was just exhausted and wanted to get away. So I caved, and spent money I don’t have, just to shut him up and get away. $60 plus tax. (I seem to have gotten off easy compared to some of the other people who wrote reports here.) I intended to go back and return what I bought. Fine print on the bottom of the receipt says “NO REFUNDS. EXCHANGES WITHIN 14 DAYS.” I just felt like I’d been mugged. Five days later, every time I think about it, I feel like I’ve been mugged. With reflection, I remembered a really good con artist/shyster who cornered me with a scam on the streets of Chicago in 2000. This Igor was just as good, one of those con artists who’s so charming you don’t realize he’s creeping you out until you realize you’re deep deep deep into “creeped out” territory. A friend reminded me there’d been another Dead Sea products kiosk at the same mall several years ago, though neither of us remember it being called “Premier Dead Sea” and vaguely remember a more Jewish or Hebrew sounding name. The woman was equally relentless about selling me salt scrub and a hand&nail kit. I was so irritated by the experience that I’d avoided walking through that center hall (and stopped shopping in a store in that section of the mall) because I didn’t want to encounter them again. When they moved their kiosk to another section, I narrowly avoided getting corraled by her. I didn’t just avoid that section of the mall, I avoided the mall entirely for years. Let me repeat that: I avoided the entire mall for years because of that kiosk. And, now, I’m going to think twice about going to this mall again because apparently this bunch of con artists is back. .

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