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They sent me false invoices for services I had never availed

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Published: 15 July 2019

Posted by: Katie

Premier Perinatal is filled with a bunch of fraudsters and it would be much better for you to just avoid these people. I thought they would be reliable and trustworthy people but it turns out, they aren’t. They have been sending me false invoices for some time. I wasn’t aware that they were false so I used to pay them before. But now that I have realized that those people are just sending some false invoices my way, it’s clear to me that those people are filled with greed. They don’t care about the patients. I’m a pregnant woman for Christ’s sake. And the staff at Premier Perinatal has charged me $500 for no reason at all. Just recently I had received an invoice of another $100 for nothing. The invoice just mentions some charges for some services. But the thing is, I haven’t availed any service of that kind. They charge me for tests and meetings which I never even thought of. I don’t know how to handle those guys! As of now, Dr. Fernandez tells me that he doesn’t know anything about those bills. His staff has called me a scammer and they said that I was trying to escape their charges in a pathetic way. When I had first received their false invoice, I had paid it unknowingly. I realized later that it was a false invoice. I had complained about it with the staff at the place. And they told me that they will look into the matter so I shouldn’t worry at all. I have been a regular visitor to the clinic and Dr. Fernandez was handling my case very well. I didn’t expect his clinic to do such a filthy job. I had asked for a refund and those people never issued any. Later on, these people sent me another false invoice and now I’ve grown tired of complaining about it. The staff there tells me that I should pay it anyway because I have received it and if it’s fake, they will issue a refund. But how am I supposed to trust those guys when they haven’t issued the refund of the first payment?

Dr. Fernandez doesn’t even care about this stuff. He just tells me to go with it. He promises me that he will take care of this matter but he never does. All I know is that these people have taken $500 from me for no reason and they expect me to pay them a hundred dollars too. I don’t think it’s a reliable place. Since they have even accused me of lying to them, I’m pretty sure that I won’t be going there ever again. They can keep their false invoices with themselves. I don’t think anyone else should trust these people as well. You can find many specialists easily in the area. Dr. Fernandez isn’t something special. I’m quite certain that he is mixed up in this false invoice business too.

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