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Published: 09 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I was offered a free 8 day 7 night cruise valued at $1900 plus round trip airfare for 2 adults. I was assured I didn’t have to buy anything, just listen to their 90 minute presentation and walk away with the cruise and air fare. We had to drive 45 minutes each way but we figured it was worth it for a free cruise. We had an awful time finding the place. The building was not clearly marked and it was a dark rainy night. We arrived 10 minutes late for our presentation. We were told to look for a company called Discount Vacation Destinations, there was nothing like that listed on the directory but there was a Premium Destinations LLC. The office was unlocked but the lights were off. I walked in a called “Hello” and several people with their coats on came out of a back room. I explained we had a 5:30 appointment and had gotten lost and apologized for being 10 minutes late. They told me they had sent their staff home because no one had showed up for the 5:30 presentation even though 12 couples were booked. They told us we were welcome to come back for another presentation but couldn’t give us our gifts because we hadn’t actually attended the presentation. There were at least 5 staff there and we had driven 45 minutes, so there was no reason they couldn’t give us the presentation except it was apparent that none of them wanted to stay. When we were leaving one of the staff came out in the hallway and pulled their sign off the wall and walked back toward the office. My boyfriend said “Oh your own of those companies, huh? We buy from you one day and come back looking for you the next and you’ve folded up shop.” The guy gave us some lame excuse about having a problem with people stealing their signs, but seriously? They are in the basement of a locked office building. Who is going to come in and steal a cardboard sign that says Premium Destinations? I remarked to my boyfriend that the whole thing seemed seedy. After coming home and reading the reviews on this and several other sites, I think we dodged a bullet. All we lost was 45 minutes of our time and gas money. Could have been a lot worse! Remember if someone offers something to good to be true, it probably is!• • • .

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