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Published: 03 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

In early June I attended a siminar on wealth building and tax lien investing. Despite their Purchse Order (PO) disclaimer that the baisis of my purchase was contained in the PO itself, it actually contains nothing and provides only limited detail. In reality you either invest at the “seminar” with a “deep discount” or pay full price (several thousand dollars) if you wait until you have preformed due dilligence. I bit….shame on me. I paid $997.00 in 10 $100 bills and recieved the 3 dollars in the price differential for acess to the training course which was to be held in a short period after the first “siminar”. My decision was indeed based upon the ROI which was presented as a guarteed return by “the government”. There was no way to validate that claim prior to making the purchase. Upon returning home that evening I did the customary research and discovered that the guarnteed ROI of 24% was indeed there in three states outside the region of the U.S. in which I reside. Indeed they were in California, Texas and if I recall correctly in Illinois and there only if certain conditions were met. There were also a whole host of gotchas burried within those states that had the specified ROI and which actuall lowered the annual rate of return. I also conducted research in the markets in which I would normally consider a real estate investment and more specifically tax lien purchases. The returns there were less than 10% and the process of actually selling the properties was filled with caveats. Those hoops were very unattractive and what was presented as a rather quick return on invested funds could actually take several years to realize. I therefore excercised my rights as stated in the PO and spent the next three days attempting to cancel the transaction. I was finally able to talk to someone and to thier credit, this company refunded the monies applied on my Amerrican Express card for a companion set of training, but informed me that the refund of the remainng $997.00 in cash that was pilfered would not or could not be mailed until June 28, 2014. That date has come and gone and they still have my funds. To no one’s suprise I cannot get in touch with anyone at this company (as of July 16, 2014) at all. While I am still trying (as late as 4:15 PM on 7/16/14 EDT), I now believe that the apparent scam has gone on too long for the company to have any incentive to refund those funds. I have retained an attorney at this point and while that will lower the refund net amoount if they can indeed secure it, this has now become a principle. These types of companies need to be put out of business, When this post is completed, I fully intend to pursue other avenues including the Better Business Bureau. BUYER BEWARE of this company and its claims and similar scams that occur across the conuntry. .

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