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Published: 28 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Before going in to my “full day interview” as the call it, i happened to read a few bad reviews about this company, i went in with a hint of skepticism. The job description was completely misleading online as well as the description given by the “manager” during the initial interview. When i showed up for the full day interview i was quickly moved out the door with two other employees for “in field training/interviewing”. I should mention that this position was described as direct marketing for fortune 500 companies to corporate accounts. The particular brand we were marketing was t mobile. First we stopped by the nearest gas station where i overheard the clerk behind the counter complaining to one of my “trainers” about how she displeased she is in the process of switching cell phone providers to t mobile. This was a bad omen to say the least. After this brief encounter we drove directly to the nearest mall where we proceeded to a ralph lauren retail store. Once in the store we went from one retail employee to the next asking them to switch over their cell phone providers. We spent over an hour and a half of one employees time trying to switch over to t mobile While she was on the clock). This was a major red flag. I know that if i were the manager of this store i would be extremely upset at solicitors taking up my employees time while on the clock. After an hour and a half of this i told my “trainers” that i am confident i am not interested in this position as it is not as it was advertised to me. I was taken back to the office where i spoke to the manager i initially interviewed with. I spoke to her about how disappointed i was in how i was mislead about the job functions. She kept to her “script” that this was direct marketing, we hike i tried to explain to her the difference in direct marketing and direct sales Door to door soliciting). She obviously doesn’t understand the basic terminology. Obviously she doesn’t understand the definition of base pay. This was an outright lie. This is commission only, which isn’t bad if stated upfront. But to state that there is base pay when it is obviously commission not only a bold faced lie, but is highly unethical. I tried to explain to her how misleading she and her company are. This is not direct marketing, this is door to door direct sales. If i were the manager of the retail store we were soliciting in i would take great offense to them monopolizing my employees time while in the click to try and sell them a cell phone plan. The tactics used while in the field were not only questionable, but completely misleading. I actually felt sorry for the one individual they signed up. Telling her at first she would get the phone of her choice for no additional cost, then once the process had been initiated the costs kept rising and rising. She was not getting the phone she asked for, she was getting a starter phone that she was supposed to trade in within 2 weeks for the phone if get choice. Another major red flag. Stay away from this company and stay away from solicitors walking into your place of business trying to switch you over to t mobile.

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