Preston Ford of Sharon

The people at Preston Ford of Sharon are liars and cheats!

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Published: 19 June 2019

Posted by: Andre

They gave me a broke car. It was supposed to be of good quality and ‘usable’. Instead, I got a piece of trash which is now sitting in a garage, getting repaired. I hadn’t paid them for a useless piece of machinery crap. I had paid them for a working sedan. They gave me a trashy car at the price of a quality one. They are cheaters and I’m pretty sure that they’ll cheat many others this way. When I complained to them about the car, they told me they weren’t responsible for it anymore. According to them, they had no warranty on the engine of the car. What kind of a rubbish policy is that? I know it’s a second-hand car but it wasn’t supposed to be this bad. I had taken my car to a drive and it broke down outside the town. And it happened just 3 days after I had bought the car. The drive wasn’t even that long. I was driving pleasantly when I noticed that the car’s engine was getting too hot and all of a sudden, I saw smoke coming out of the hood. I was shocked and surprised. I had to get the car towed to a garage. They didn’t take any responsibility for the breaking down of their recently sold vehicle. Nope, all they said was ‘sorry’ and that they can’t do anything about it.

Don’t go to these people if you’re looking for a new car. I don’t know if they’re reliable enough to buy a first-hand car from too or not. I had taken this car on a test drive too. But you know test drives aren’t that long. This car broke down was sooner than I could’ve imagined. I guess I only would’ve traveled 20 miles with it. For a car, that’s not a huge distance. All I know is that these people lied to me about the quality of the car, the performance of the car and most importantly, the responsibility of the car. They had promised me that if any issues would’ve arisen, I can talk to them. But when one did arise, they shrugged it off. They are the most irresponsible and careless service providers I’ve ever seen. I don’t think I’d ever been able to go there. In fact, I don’t think anyone else should go there as well. You’d only lose a whole lot of money and end up seeing your newly purchased car sitting in the garage. Preston Ford of Sharon is a scam. They are selling trash and expect you to get fooled by them. One of my friends had recommended me to buy a car from these people. I later confronted that guy as to why he had recommended me such a crappy provider. He told me that he had visited their site once so he thought they were cool. I should have done extensive research before making a purchase from these guys.

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