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Published: 08 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Dispatchers lie and covers themself up to make the driver look bad. Wants the drivers to drive overhours tells drivers their state does not go by UT only state that obeys Federal Laws especially Local drivers. Local drivers in other states do not have to go by DOT Laws in their states. If local drivers does not get paid for extra pickups from OTR and gets only payed one rate. and wants Local Driver for less pay. Local drivers are told to go from one state to another state like the OTR drivers and no pay. I was fired because I catch my dispatcher in a lie and he did not like, and he would not let me talk to him said it was my fault for lack of communication with the dispatchers. They ask us to get drivers but with all the lies and games they play. I would never recommend to any drivers to drive for them, for local or OTR. .

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