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They can cause you real hard as I experienced recently.

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Published: 18 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I was having lots of difficulty sleeping at night and due to the increasing weight of mine, I started snoring too. I consulted a doctor right after and he suggested me to join a fitness center to maintain my health and remain fit throughout. I saw many motivational and educational videos and after deciding to join a fitness center shortly, I started doing all kinds of research possible. After jotting down a handful of fitness centers I decided to get myself registered in the Primal Fit 360 Personal Training center.
I made an appointment online to meet the manager. I went to the place and wanted to have a talk with the manager face to face. One of the staff members told me to wait for a few minutes as the manager was busy and let me sit in the waiting arena till then. I had waited for more than 25 minutes until the staff came back again and informed me that the manager was having his lunch and will soon see you. He disappeared again and I couldn’t wait anymore so I went to have a talk to him directly as it was getting very late. As soon as I entered his office I found him busy cracking jokes and enjoying watching the game of football with his friends. I was shocked and I told him that I had been waiting for more than an hour and you were wasting your time instead of talking to me. To which he replied that “I am the manager of this place and I will give you my time accordingly whenever I feel like”. This made me very angry and I started shouting at him and it was obvious because I had been waiting here for so long and he was just wasting his time sitting in the office. He then started getting aggressive and got up from his seat and stood in front of me and told me again that “I am the boss, I will behave as one, do whatever you feel like.” I couldn’t control my anger so I just tried to rush out of the office hurriedly but mistakenly a chair fell when it touched my body. To this, the manager pulled me towards him at once and pushed me down to the ground and boxed my face thrice until his friends pulled him back.
He broke one of my teeth and blood was oozing out from my nose and gums. He injured me and I was unconscious by this time. I made it sure to file a complaint against him and get him charged because of his aggressive actions. I will never ever suggest anyone gets admitted to the Primal Fit 360 Personal Training. The manager is a maniac and had hit me so hard that I went unconscious. It’s just a waste of time to go to him because he treats every member according to his mood. Please stay away from such short-tempered people.

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