Primary Eye Care of Arlington

Don’t visit this clinic!! They are thieves!

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Published: 29 May 2019

Posted by: Cheryl

They took $200 from me for contact lenses which I never received. These people feel no remorse for stealing from people. I had visited this clinic in December 2018 and I never received my contact lenses. I had visited this place for a simple eye exam. The doctor had recommended me to buy glasses but I told them that I wanted contact lenses. The doctor told me that it’s okay but I’ll just need to wait for 2-3 days because their current stock was finished. I didn’t have any problems with waiting for 2-3 days. What I didn’t know was these people were just scamming me. If I had any idea beforehand, that these people steal from their customers and lie to them all the time, I would’ve never visited this place at all.

I had looked up this place online, and all I knew was Primary Eye Care of Arlington was a member of Vision Source. There weren’t any negative reviews about this place so I was happy with my choice. But now it’s clear to me that it was a big mistake to trust this pathetic place. I should’ve done more research and shouldn’t have trusted those online reviews at all. These people took $200 from me for contact lenses, which I think, is a lot. When I contacted them after 2-3 days, they told me that their stock hadn’t arrived yet and I should contact them a week later. Even at that time, I was so foolish that I thought they were telling me the truth. I should have realized by then, that these people are scammers and this clinic, Primary Eye Care of Arlington, IS A SHAM. Because of these people, I wasted a lot of my time. I was waiting for their contact lenses. If I had any idea that they’d never give me those lenses, I would have just stopped waiting for them and visited some other place where I could really get those lenses. When I contacted those people after a week, they told me that their stock still hadn’t arrived and that I should wait a bit longer. I asked them for a specific time. This time, they told me that I should call them at least after a few weeks. I got irritated and told them that they should act fast and stop wasting my time and hung up the phone. It’s been months and I still haven\’t heard from them. When I call them now, no one picks it up. It’s clear that they are avoiding me. What kind of scam is that? First, they took money from me. Then, they didn’t even give me the product. After that, they made me wait for weeks for nothing. Don’t visit this clinic for your eye exam. Otherwise, you might also get ripped off as I got. This area has plenty of reputed optometrists and there isn’t any necessity for you to visit Primary Eye Care of Arlington.

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